Friday, July 30, 2010

Important Temples and Mosques,golden temple,Dilwara Temple , Jaganath Temple, Khajuraho Temple,Mahabalipuram ,

Important Temples and Mosques

Bodh gaya Temple - Bodh Gaya ,Bihar

Dilwara Temple - Mount Abu ,Rajasthan

Golden Temple - Amritsar,Punjab

Jaganath Temple - Puri, Orissa

Juma Masjid - Delhi

Khajuraho Temple - Khajuraho, M P

Mahabalipuram Temple - Mahabalipuam Tamilnadu

Meenakshi Temple - Madurai ,Tamilnadu

Moti Masjid - Agra ,U P

Nataraj Temple - Chithambaram Tamil Nadu

Sreerangam Temple - Thrichy Tamilnadu

Somanath Temple - Gujarat

SunTemple or KonarkTemple -Konark ,Orissa

Omkar Temple - Omkarji M P


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  2. Mount Abu ranks high in the spirituality quotient for followers of Jain religion and no wonder the world-famous Dilwara Jain Temple are a popular tourist draw in this pristine hill station.