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Kannada Wedding Ceremony

Kannada wedding is the marriage of kannadigas, as the people of Karnataka call themselves, and is based on their regional cultures and traditions. Kannada wedding ceremony is full of fun and frolic. Though simple and least colorful, it is based on culture and faith on God. One of the most prominent features about the Kannada wedding is the practice of numerous rituals performed pre, per and post wedding day. Much before the wedding ceremony is due to take place; all the members in the family are engaged in preparations and organizations that are quintessential. The rituals practiced are simple and allow the families to have a good time together.
Traditionally, wedding celebrations in India extend almost a week long and incorporates pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding rituals. In Karnataka, marriage is a lengthy affair and constitutes of many rituals that are practiced before the actual D-Day.
The Kannada wedding, that takes place in Karnataka, is marked by a number of unique rituals, which are practiced before, on and after the wedding day. Kannada wedding, unlike the resplendent marriage which takes place in other parts of India, is a simple affair.
While mostly the days before the actual day is spent preparing and organizing for the day, post wedding rituals are far more relaxed and are mostly involved with welcoming the new bride.

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