Sunday, August 8, 2010

Branches of Biology ,Bacteriology,Anatomy,Biotechnology,Botany ,Micro biology,Zoology,Virology

Major Branches of Biology

Anatomy-The study of morphology of internal systems and organs.
Autecology-Study of individualorganism or a single species and their relation to the environment.
Bacteriology -Study of bacteria.
Biochemistry-The study of chemistry of various biological processes.
Bio-informatics-The mathematical ,statistical and computing methods that aim to solve biological problems using DNA and amino acid sequence and related information.
Biophysics-The application of various tools ,techniques,methods and principals of physical science to the study of biological problems.
Biotechnology-The application of technology to biological process for industrial ,agricultural and medical purpose.
Botany -Study of plants.
Cytology -The study of cells.
Ecology -Study of relationship of organisms to one another and their environment.
Ethology-The study of behaviour of animals in their natural environment.
Exobiology -Study of extra terrestrial life.
Genetics-Study of inheritance and variations and the factors controlling them.
Histology-Study of tissues and cells at microscopic level.
Marine biology-Study of marine organisms.
Micro biology-Study of microscopic organisms.
Morphology-Study of external body structure.
Mycology-Study of fungi.
Palynology-Study of pollen grains.
Paleontology-Study of fossils.
Phycology-Study of algae.
Physiology-The study of the way in which organisms or parts of organisms function .
Synecology-Study of group of organisms involving different species and their relation to the environment.
Taxonomy-Study of identification ,Nomenclature and classification of organisms.
Virology-Study of virus.
Zoology-Study of animals.

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