Friday, August 20, 2010

Physicists,Dynamite-Alfred Nobel,Incandescent Bulb-Thomas Alwa Edison,Telescope- Galileo,Albert Einstein,G Marconi,Alexander Graham Bell


Atom Bomb-Otto Hahn

Cosmic Rays-R A Milliakan

Dynamite-Alfred Nobel

Fundamental laws of electrical attraction-Coulomb

Incandescent Bulb-Thomas Alwa Edison

Law of Gravitation-Newton

Lightening Conductors-Benjamin Franklin


Diesel Oil Engine-Rudlof Diesel

Telescope- Galileo

Gramaphone and Megaphone-Edison

Microscope-Jansen,Improved by Galileo

Albert Einstein-Photoelectric effect

APJ Abdul Kalam -Indian Scientist known as missile man of India

Dr.Homi J Bhabha -First Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission of India

G S Ohm -Laws of Electrical Resistance

Alexander Graham Bell -Microphone

Henry Bequerel-Natural Radioactivity

Galileo Galilie-Law of Falling Bodies

E Torricelli-Barometer

Alexandro Volta-Electric Battery

G Marconi-Wireless Wave

C V Raman -Raman Effect (Won Nobel Prize in 1930 for this Discovery)

Rutherford-Nuclear model of atom

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