Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pen Names of Famous Writers,Charles Dickens-Boz,Agatha Christie-Mary Westmacott

Pen Names of Famous Writers

Author- Pen Name

Agatha Christie-Mary Westmacott

Alexi Maksimov Peshkov-Maxim Gorkey

Amandine Dupin-George Sand

Anne Bronte-Acton Bell

Benjamin Franklin-Poor Richard

Charles Dickens-Boz

Charles Dodgson -Lewis Carroll

Charles Farrar Browne-Artemus Ward

Charles Lamb-Elia

Charlotte Bronte-Currer

David Cornwell-John Le Carre

Emile Herzog-Andre Maurois

Emily Bronte-Ellis Bell

Erick Blair-George Orwell

Francis Marie Arouet-Voltaire

Frederic Dannav and Manfred B Lee-Ellery Queen

George Bernard Shaw-GBS

H H Munro-Saki

J K Chesterton-Orion

Mary Ann Evans -George Eliot

Samuel Clemens-Mark Twain

William Sydney Porter- O Henry


  1. Please include Bengali famous writers'/poets' pen names also.

  2. Its a great information shared here.Its a great thing to use pen name in place of original names.It creates suspense in readers.
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