Monday, November 29, 2010

Books by political Leaders, Aung San Suu Ki, APJ , Abdul Kalam,Gandhiji,Nelson Mandela,Mikhail S Gorbachev

Books by political Leaders

APJ Abdul Kalam - Wings of Fire

Annie Besant - Wake up India

Arun Shourie -A secular Agenda ,Worshipping False Gods

Atal Bihari Vajpayee -New Dimensions of India's Foriegn Policy

Aung San Suu Ki -Freedom from fear

Benazir Bhutto - Pakisthan ,The Gathering Storm,Daughter of the East

Bill Clinton -Between Hope and History

Boris Yeltsin -against the Grains

Chandra Shekar -Dynamics of Social Change

Dadabhai Naoroji - Poverty and Unbritish Rule in India

Dalai Lama -Ethics for New Millennium

Dr.S Radhakrishnan -A Hindu View of Life ,Indian Philosophy ,Bhagavat Gita

E K Nayanar -My Struggle

EMS Namboodiripad -Crisis into Chaos

Gandhiji -Conquest of self ,Hindi Swaraj ,Indian Home Rule ,My Early Life ,Story of my Experiments with truth

Henry Kissinger -Diplomacy ,White House,Years

Hillary Clinton -Living History

Indira Gandhi -Eternal India ,My Truth

J N Dixit -My South Block Years

Jaswant Singh -Defending India

Jawaharlal Nehru -Glimpses of World History ,An Autobiography,A bunch of old letters ,Discovery of India

Jayaprakash Narayanan -Prison Diary

L K Advani -A prisoner's Scrape book

Lala Lajpat Rai -Unhappy India

Manohar Joshi -A Speaker's Diary

Margret Thatcher -The Path to power

Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad - India Wins Freedom

Mikhail S Gorbachev -August Coup

Nelson Mandela -Long walk to freedom

P C Alexander -The Perils of Democracy ,India in the New Millennium

R Ramanathan -Who is Kalam ?

Rajendraprasad -India Divided

Rajesh Piolet -Flight to Parliament

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman -Friends and Foes

Subash Chandra Bose -The Indian Stuggle

V S Savarkar -The war of Indian Independence

V V Giri -Job for Millions ,Voice of Conscience,Life and times

Winston Churchill -Gathering Storm, The second world war

Z A Bhutto -If I am Assasinated

P V Narasimharao -The insider

R Venkataramanan -My Presidential Years

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