Friday, November 19, 2010

Human Body,Bones ,Total number of bones,vertrebae,ribs,teeth,Muscles


Bones in the legs - Tibia and Fibula .

Bones in the arms - radius and ulna .

Total number of bones in the human body -206

Total number of vertrebae of new born baby -270

Number of vertrebrae in the vertebral column -33

Number of ribs -24(12 pairs)

Number of bones in the brain -22

Number of permanent bones in the ear -6(3 in each)

Number of teeth -32

Number of milk teeth -20

Number of muscles -639

Important constituents of bones -Calcium & phosphorus

Organism having large number of teeth -Opposum

In horse the number of teeth are -44

Largest muscle in the human body -Muscle in the thigh

The organ which has no muscles in the body -Lungs

The modifed form of incisors -Elephant's tusks

Important constituent in tooth paste -Calcium Fluoride

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