Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Metals ,sodium,Copper,Iron,magnesium,Potassium,osmium,Mercury and gallium ,Lithium ,


Metals are lustrous ,malleable and ductile.

Molecules of metals are monoatomic .Metals are electropositive elements .

The metal present in the common salt is sodium.

Sodium is an essential element for our body .

Copper is a good conductor of electricity .

Iron is present in chlorophyll .

Metal used in car battery is lead .

Metal used in crackers is magnesium .

In torch cell the metal used is zinc.

The most abundant metal in earth's crust is aluminium .

The metal which regulates Blood Pressure in human beings is sodium .

The metal related to arthritis is Potassium .

The metal present in insulin is zinc .

The metal with highest melting point is Tungsten .

The most harmful metal to human beings is Lead .

Metals kept under kerosene are sodium ,pottassium ,caresium etc

Iron reacts with oxygen and moisture of air forming iron oxide .

Metal which has highest density is osmium .

Silver,gold and platinum are known as noble metals .

Mercury and gallium are metals which are liquid at room temperature .

Lead is the metal with lowest melting point and it is the most stable element in nature.

Lithium is the lightest metal.Hydrogen is the lightest element .

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