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Gastroenterology Treatments ,Surgery,esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine (colon), liver, gallbladder, and pancreas

Gastroenterology Treatments and Surgery In India

Gastroenterology is a branch of medicine concerned with digestive diseases. The practice of gastroenterology concentrates on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases involving the esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine (colon), liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. This medical field is really a subspecialty of Internal Medicine, as is, for example, Cardiology, which deals with diseases of the heart. The treatments and surgeries offered are mentioned below.
Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Upper GI Endoscopy Colorectal Neoplasia


ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography)

Sclerotherapy and band ligation of varices

Esophageal dilations

Balloon treatment for Achalasia cardia

Prosthesis placement

Extraction of stone from CBD

Stenting of CBD and pancreatic ducts

Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy

Colorectal Nepoplasia

Liver Transplant Clinic

Surgical Gastroenterology & Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive surgeries:




Intestinal Resections

Surgery for Hiatus Hernia

Benign and malignant diseases of the food pipe (esophagus)

Diseases of stomach including tests for H. Pylori for peptic ulcer

Diseases of small bowel including Malabsorption Syndrome

Benign and Malignant disorders of the biliary tract

Acute and chronic pancreatic diseases

Diseases of large bowel

Liver Diseases including tests for Viral Profile in Hepatitis and Alcohol related problems

Liver Diseases


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