Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The people of Kerala ( Aryans ),Mesopotamian region,white" or fair-skinned Brahmins

The people of Kerala ( Aryans )

The people of Kerala, known as 'Malayalees' (People speaking Malayalam), is polygenetic and belong to different ethnic groups and religions. Negritos,Australoids,Dravidians ,Aryans, and other tribes and races are some of the groups came gradually in to Kerala.


After the Dravidians came the Aryans who had already settled over northern India from the Mesopotamian region. They migrated to south India during circa 300 B.C. The "white" or fair-skinned Brahmins belonged to this stock. By the advent of Aryans, caste system also formed in Kerala. The Aryans have made a deep impression on Kerala in late proto-historic times.

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