Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The people of Kerala (Dravidians),Protector, Avenger, Bestower of wealth, wisdom and arts.

The people of Kerala (Dravidians)

The people of Kerala, known as 'Malayalees' (People speaking Malayalam), is polygenetic and belong to different ethnic groups and religions. Negritos,Australoids,Dravidians ,Aryans, and other tribes and races are some of the groups came gradually in to Kerala.


By 700 B.C., the Dravidians (The Mediterranean People), who migrated from the Mediterranean region, spread to the whole of India especially in the south, supplanting the Austrics and Negritoes alike. The Dravidians are the ancestors of majority of the present day Malayalees. They absorbed many of the beliefs of the Negrito and Austric people, but they were strongly inclined to the worship of the Mother Goddess in all her myriad forms: Protector, Avenger, Bestower of wealth, wisdom and arts.

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